Monday, February 1, 2010

Etsy Envy

I've always had the girly dream of crafting something so awesome that I could sell it on Etsy. Not only could I make money, but I could be crafty and be my own boss. Sounds perfect, huh?

That dream has sadly not come true yet, but if I were a savvy Etsy crafter, here are some things I would want in my shop:

Bankgrrl's camera bag on Etsy

A camera bag just like this one by Bankgrrl. I know what you're thinking: THAT'S a camera bag? Yes, it is! It's beautiful and functional, and for how much my wonderful boyfriend spent on my camera I shouldn't even bat an eye at $165 to keep it safe. I want one so bad...

Crocodile Scales by farouche

An adorable and versatile print like farouche's "Crocodile Scales." I love that it also incorporates the famous poem "How Doth the Little Crocodile" from Lewis Carroll's book, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Lime felted treasure bowl by shanineal

Felted pieces, like this lime felted bowl by shanineal. I love the color and the texture. Felting is definitely high on my list of things to learn how to do!

M is for magazine by paperdollwoodshop

A magazine holder like paperdollwoodshop's "M is for magazine" in white would be a beautiful house for my new subscription of  "House Beautiful."

Button necklace in Golden brown by minski

Necklaces made of buttons are my new obsession, so you can bet my shop would have something like minski's Golden brown button necklace. How cute!

Upcycled Sunburst Fused Plastic Wristlet by curiousdoodles

Upcyclying is the repurposing of a material into a product of higher quality. I would love to be able to save tons of potential landfill space by making upcycled bags, like this Upcycled Sunburst Fused Plastic Wristlet by curiousdoodles.

Maybe someday, like when I am making tons of money on the side selling my own Etsy creations, I will be able to buy all of these treasures. But then again... wouldn't I be able to make my own? Argh! Catch-22!

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