Saturday, February 13, 2010


I hate when I think I've FINALLY found the ONE THING I was looking for... the ONE THING I need to complete some project...

...only to discover after completely falling head over heels in love with it that the item is completely out of stock. Nowhere to be found. Unless, of course, I want to pay triple the price or fly across the country.

I've been searching for an olive green tall-ish lamp at an affordable price that was also curvy and hollow. Those are some really specific demands, right?

LJUSÅS SALBO lamp at Ikea

I thought so, too. Up until I found the LJUSÅS SALBO lamp from Ikea. I do a couple backflips out of my desk chair, pump my fists in the air, scream YES!!! about 30 times at the top of my lungs and then...

... just out of curiosity, because this is too good to be true, I check the stock availability.*

Sold out at the store in Ohio. That's okay, I'll just check the...

...sold out at the Atlanta store, too?!


*At the time of writing, this lamp is only available to folks visiting the Carson, California; Costa Mesa, California; or Seattle, Washington stores.


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