Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Research Roundup: Displaying Craspedia

You've probably seen them on many a home blog, but you may still be stumped as to what in the world those little yellow bulbs are.

These little orbs of sunshine are called Craspedia, but more commonly referred to as "billy balls" and less commonly known as "woollyheads." No matter what you call them, they are a radiant shade of yellow and super easy to take care of seeing as how they are usually dried.

I picked up a group of three of these babies from PigeonToeCeramics on Etsy awhile back but still hadn't been able to figure out exactly how I wanted to display them. As always, it just took a little bit of inspiration research.

I found a bunch of pictures of vases with many, many, many of them lumped together:

Picture from Salt Harbor Designs

Picture borrowed from Bespoke Uprising

While I would love to have a giant vase full of these, I don't have lots and lots and lots of Craspedia. After some digging, I did eventually find some arrangements that used 10 or less:

I really dig the one with the whisps of long, tall grass. I think that's the one for me!

All else fails, these fabric billy balls are pretty cool too!

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