Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 for 30: Day 1

So technically I didn't take a picture of Day 1... haha... already failing the challenge on Day 1. I'll make up for it somehow. Ya'll keep me honest.

Day 1 was Gap boot cut jeans, Gap argyle sweater, New York & Co. teal tank and the camel boots from Alloy. I brought the camel color up to the top with this cute feather charm necklace.

Groundhog Day and I didn't see my shadow, either! Hopefully spring doesn't come too soon... I've still got 28 days of sweaters coming up!

During this whole operation, I'm also going to try to get inspired from other remixers. Today, I was really loving what Evan did over at A Nerd Like Me. The color combo is lovely and rolling sleeves always makes for a cute, tailored look.

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  1. Ok, somewhat unrelated but kind of. I've read that girls like it when guys roll up their sleeves because displaying forearms is like a subconscious, evolutionary thing that shows we're about to hunt or whatever. C'mon, that has to be true, right?