Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I. want. these. shoes.

There are exactly 11 H&M stores in Amsterdam. Surely one of them...

UPDATE: Just like a certain honey badger, I take what I want!

Here was the need for all the urgency:

Sadly, my favorite pair of animal print flats from Charlotte Russe have a big mouth and just can't keep it shut. These shoes have lasted over two summer seasons and they were really cheap, so they were a good buy. I just hate to see a good shoe go down this way. I think I'll let Rolan try to glue them. :)

I hopped over to the Dam Square on my lunch break and scoped out the local H&M's scalloped cut-out shoe offering. They had all three available colors, but I kinda fell in love with the neon yellow. The "powder" color (above) is actually a lot more pale pink in person. I don't wear a lot of pale pink.

Who knows, though. Maybe I'll go back and get the powder ones too. These shoes are VERY soft and comfortable. And only $24.95!

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