Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Color Combo: Navy and Pink

When I watch a television show, I like to watch it from episode 1 until I get caught up to the current season. I've fallen in love with so many television shows lately, from Dexter to Weeds to The Office and 30 Rock, but the latest obsession is How I Met Your Mother. I see a bit of myself in each of the characters and love the way each character's wardrobe really reflects their personality -- except Barney's, of course. For such a silly guy, what is up with all the suits?!

Robin's styling always inspires me and when I found her Season 4 Episode 12 outfit on I was in love.

This color combo of navy and pink is so fresh to me, and I thought you might love it too. Most of the original pieces (found on the link) were sold out or too expensive for my blood, so I made my own version, with two different navy sweaters. If you are like me and can't afford to invest in the cashmere J. Crew one (right, $198), you might opt for the still good, but budget-friendly $34.99 Gap version on the left. Either way, I still think this is the way I want to welcome Spring!

Gap at ShopStyle

I also really loved it on Katy over at, seen below:

I read on NY Mag that turquoise is the "it" color for 2010... but navy's pretty darn close!

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  1. I like a lot of things Lilly wears too. Yay for navy!