Friday, January 22, 2010

Inspired by: Christina Hendricks

Life is not fair. I know this to be true because while oodles of my friends pine away for a more ample chest, here I sit with too much in my cups. This has always been something that more or less defined me -- mostly because my chest makes all the fashion choices. That adorable turtleneck at J.Crew? Even if I could afford it, I couldn't wear it without looking like I shoved two watermelons into a vase. I can't wear those teeny tiny super cute spaghetti strap tank tops because my bra straps are like giant suspenders. It goes without saying, then, that strapless dresses are out of the question because I don't need help looking like a hooker.

But wait a minute...

What's this?

Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks of Mad Men fame, the voluptuous and sultry red-haired receptionist with a penchant for office gossip -- SHE can wear a strapless dress?

Even though she does kinda look like she's about to bust out of that thing, her confident stance and bright smile give off an aura of composure and elegance. She looks beautiful, not trashy.

I am inspired and also frightened. I would love to try it, but I shudder to think about all the underwear needed to achieve this! The tape! The straps! Trying to breathe, oh my! Nice to see that it is possible for the well endowed, though.


  1. I was under the impression that a strapless neckline is actually good for any body type.

  2. Oh I'm sure it looks good... (have never tried it myself). I'm just in awe of the physics...

  3. You just need a good strapless bra. You should get one from Walcoal or Fantasie, something highly rated on

    But I as a rule steer away from anything clothing that requires me purchasing as separate bra.

    This dress was designed by Christian Siriano of Project Runway, by the way!