Monday, March 8, 2010

Cycle Up!

I've featured one or two upcycled items on here before, but I am becoming more and more drawn to the idea of buying more things that were created from other things. Might as well, right? Better it get used again than sitting in a landfill somewhere.

Upcycling isn't just soda tab bracelets and Capri-Sun purses anymore, though you can certainly still find those things should you be interested. People are really starting to think outside the box when it comes to repurposing materials.

For instance, I love this bracelet made from 2-liter soda bottles. It's really stunning! Makes you kinda want to keep your 2-liters and try to make one yourself!

2 Liter Soda Bottle Bracelet in Transparent Green by ArtworkbyKD

Instead of shelling out $10 at Target for yet another notebook to fill and toss, why not order a notebook made from paint swathces! She also has blue and red available if yellow's not your color.

Paint Sample Notebook in Shades of Bright Yellow by crabappledesign

I usually try to wrap gifts in paper I already have lying around, so bows are not really a staple for me when it comes to gift wrapping. But they might become one since I learned of all the different ways you can upcycle paper into bows. I love the idea of making my own bows out of magazine pages, but my new favorite has to be the film reel bow! This particular bow is made from a film trailer reel of the Dungeons and Dragons movie:

Cinemascope Film Reel Gift Packaging Bows by undoneclothing

And I've always loved the idea of stocking my kitchen cabinets with upcycled glassware from YAVA Glass.

Upcycled Green Mineral Water Bottle Glasses by YAVAglass

Just goes to show that one woman's trash can be another woman's elegant and beautiful treasure.

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