Wednesday, March 10, 2010

New Old Navy

I took a trip to Old Navy this weekend and picked up a LOT more than I was expecting to. I just couldn't help myself! There was so much there that was versatile and flattering and priced so well that I feel no buyer's remorse. In fact, the only remorse I do feel is not buying the rest of the pieces to make these outfits I created today:

Old Navy at ShopStyle

There is nothing I don't absolutely adore about this outfit! I especially love the gray stripes paired with the yellow necklace since that color combo makes me swoon. I picked up the chinchilla cardigan, but didn't see the tank, sandals or necklace at the store I was in.

Old Navy at ShopStyle

I love how the swoop of the bottom of the shrug sweater mimics the swoop of the pocket buttons on the pants. And how the navy horizontal stripes and sailor pants scream NAUTICAL THEME, but the green sweater and bauble necklace shush it down a bit. I didn't buy any of these pieces, but it might be hard to resist.

Old Navy at ShopStyle

I bought this dress and wrestled with whether or not to buy the jean jacket. I ultimately decided to try to find one for cheaper at a thrift store. Overall I love the different pops of yellow in this outfit and this dress -- though it doesn't look it -- is so forgiving.

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