Friday, March 5, 2010

Surviving Friday

Unwanted Thoughts Syndrome by Maria Bamford
I like to treat myself on Fridays. Kind of like a self-pep talk. You're almost there! Just a couple more hours and you're free for 2 whole days!

le sigh.

I usually treat myself with a strawberry margarita or five during lunch. But guess who has two thumbs and forgot her wallet at home!

Yeah. So today I am treating myself by listening to Maria Bamford. Have you heard of her? She is a comedian who can really only be described as silly. And I enjoy her. Probably too much if you ask the poor coworkers forced to listen to me randomly laugh throughout the day.

Anyway, I thought I'd share the silliness. People very rarely seize the chance to be silly.

For your Friday, treat yourself to some completely out-of-context quotes from my favorites (or listen by clicking on them!):


"Question #1: If Maria works as a comedian for $100 a week, but spends $20 a day on hair scrunchies, how many years will it take for her to pay off a Taco Bell Gordita she bought in 1992?"

"The Baby Jesus is leaving you messages? You better call him back..."

"I gotta leave early on Friday... I got a doctor's appointment... with a pitcher of margaritas... and my primary physician, Dr. Feelgood"

Have a happy weekend, folks!

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