Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nail on the head

I am pretty new to the nail polish scene, having only kicked my terrible nail-biting habit about a year ago. But I am pretty excited to try some of the cool nail polish art I've been seeing on Pinterest.

Anyway, I know that red is supposed to be a lady's go-to color when it comes to nails and lips, but I just do not think that red looks right on me. And given that I am used to my nails being their natural color, I tended to shy away from any bright or bold colors there. But I have been more adventurous lately when it comes to my nails. Exhibit A:

H&M's Coral Rose, found in store for €0.95

What I have been loving lately about nail polish is that it's a great way to add a pop of a trendy color without shelling out a lot of money on a wardrobe piece. The nail polish I finally decided on was H&M's Coral Rose. Coral is on trend lately, of course, but it also helps that Queen's Day (when all the Dutch locals will be decked out in orange) is right around the corner.

If you're like me and tend to steer towards a more neutral palette for your nails, here's a tip that helped me go for a bolder nail color: pick out your favorite shades at the polish counter and stroke one layer of each onto one nail.

Then... wait. Give it a good week or so and let the colors sit on your nails while you think it over. This will help you get used to the bolder colors on your nails, but it will also help you to see which color you like more and which polish goes better with the colors already in your wardrobe.

In the store, I would've easily chosen the grey color you can see on my pointer finger (Zzzzzzzzzzz). The blue and the gold, which I thought I would love, were not so pretty on my nails. The bright pink that I painted on my thumb was one I never would've purchased, as I typically do not like pink, but it was actually the one I ended up liking the most.

That said, I just realized that the store attendants probably hate me. 'There's that girl again.. the one that tests 5 nail polishes and then leaves the store without buying a single one.'

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